“Our partnership with Art For Hospitals + was a great way to introduce high-quality, original artwork and its healing attributes to our patients and visitors.”

Daryle Voss, CEO, Mercy Hospital Ardmore

“An Uplifting Moment

I am a Nurse Practitioner and have worked in hospitals more than half of my life. And honestly, hospitals tend to be sterile and a bit dreary, but I never gave it too much thought because I was there to do a job, to take care of the people that needed my help.

It wasn’t until earlier this year that I noticed what an impact art can make in one’s outlook, if only for a moment, when life seems to be at its worst. My mom suddenly became seriously ill and had to be admitted into my hometown hospital. While dad and I were walking her down to surgery (she was being transported via a gurney), I saw a beautiful painting with cheerful colors. At that moment, all the tense and unsure feelings I was having seemed to disappear and were replaced by feelings of peace. In an unsure moment, and in an unfamiliar place, I was amazed that one beautiful work of art could bring peace, and maybe some reassurance that life would be okay again.”

Rachel D., Registered Nurse, Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner


“The vibrant floral splash found on the large canvas at Mercy Ardmore is s great piece of work that lights up the entry to the hospital and is breathtaking. Kelli’s eye-catching designs are uniquely hers. Every time I’m at the hospital and walk by it, I smile. The vibrant colors and the fact that it’s very large and hard to miss make it an icon for the space. Beautiful work!  Personally, Kelli’s smile is infectious and the first thing I do when I see her work is grin from ear to ear.”

Darla Buck